Selling a Home August 17, 2022

Should I Stage My Home Before Selling It?

When it comes time to put your house on the market, effective staging is vital for closing the deal. Presentation is everything when it’s time to show your home. Potential buyers want to imagine their life fitting into your home, and that’s impossible if all the extra stuff of your life gets in their way.

Here are some tips for effective staging.

Get Rid Of Clutter-

Perhaps the most important part of the staging process is the de-cluttering. Go through your house and get rid of anything extra that is taking up space. This especially applies to furniture. Try to look at your home with objective eyes. Of course you love your grandmother’s handcrafted doilies, and all your kids’ homemade craft projects. But these things don’t help sell your house.

If you need to make a trip to a local thrift shop to donate some items or rent a storage pod, do it. Just get as much stuff out of sight and off the premises as possible. The less stuff in your home, the bigger it will look and the easier it will be for your visitors to imagine their lives and stuff in your house.


Lighting is crucial in the presentation of your home. No one wants to buy a home that’s dim and dreary throughout. Up the wattage in all your lamps to 100. Get the curtains open in every room to take advantage of natural sunlight. Combine overhead lighting with lamps and even desk lamps.


Use a critical eye to pare down on anything that identifies your home as an extension of yourself. It’s much less harsh than it sounds. Fridge covered in magnets and wedding invitations? Stash those somewhere else. Gallery wall of family photos? Maybe consider simplifying this to just a couple. Huge metal fan and have a room dedicated to your favorite bands? Maybe consider turning it back into a guest room. The little distractions can add up and plant a negative vibe in a potential buyer’s head.

Fresh Paint-

A fresh coat of neutral color on the interior is a big plus. Freshly painted walls, doors, and trim make your home look newer and cleaner. Freshness sells.

Plus, a freshly painted home (in neutral colors) appears more move-in ready. Often, if you are competing with other homes on the market, offering a property that is move-in ready can be a tie-breaker between two otherwise similar homes.

Clean It Up (Interior And Exterior)-

Get the flooring & carpets professionally cleaned (or replaced), and thoroughly scrub your home from top to bottom. You can invest the elbow grease yourself or hire professionals to come in and do a deep cleaning. If you decide to do it yourself, don’t neglect ceiling fans, wall vents, the garage, or sliding glass doors.

Outside, pressure wash the house and driveway. Consider if your home needs a fresh coat of paint. Your home may be less appealing if it comes with immediate chores to complete. Landscaping can really add to your home’s curb appeal, so do it yourself or hire a service. Some mulch, a few flowers, and a fresh cut lawn go a long way.

Staging is vital for making the sale, so be sure you do it right. It could make the difference between selling your home quickly or failing to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Virtual Staging-

If your home is completely empty because you’ve already moved, Wallace’s in-house Media Department offers a great virtual staging option to create beautiful spaces with appropriately sized/placed virtual furnishings. Ask your agent about this today!